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No Agenda

It just kind of started as a whim...


We engineered a comprehensive social activation that would be massively buzz-worthy leveraging our exclusive access to top make up artists, designers, and models.

Beyoncé Parfums

We are honored to represent Beyoncé Parfums across all social media platforms and look forward to turning her into the top celebrity fragrance…


Beauty powerhouse, M•A•C Cosmetics, has rewritten all the rules when it comes to merging art and commerce.


It is hardly a secret that Swarovski has successfully parlayed its legacy in crystal creations into becoming an innovative force in the world of fashion and design.


Sephora has been a disruptive force in the beauty world from its inception. Over the last five years, Hyperbolic has played a pivotal role in defining Sephora’s content strategy...

Power Rangers

Aside from partnering on all strategy, we created key-art for Ninja Steel and Dino Supercharge in preparation […]

Victoria’s Secret Bombshell

Bombshell, the blockbuster fragrance from Victoria Secret, required a social media event that was sufficiently explosive.

Renter Zoo

Think of ‘Friends’ meets ‘Family Guy’ but in virtual reality where every character is desperately trying to […]


For the launch of DKNY's MYNY featuring Rita Ora, Hyperbolic was brought in to help create a digital launch event that would harness the power of Donna Karan's NYC legacy.


For the launch of Eau Du Prep, Tommy Hilfiger's new prep inspired fragrance, Hyperbolic was engaged to create a mobile app that brought to life the spirit of prep...


Paul Mitchell had a mission: use the launch of a new curl collection to capture the hearts and minds of the millennials…


Think of Protege as Nike but hyper-focused on the urban market. This is why is made so much sense for Kmart to serve as Protege's exclusive retail partner...


Our mandate was simple: Reimagine the multi-channel video network with a bold new brand identity, a cutting-edge UX, and apps for every touchpoint: mobile, ITV, and social media.


Iconic rock/skate brand Macbeth founded by Tom Delogne from Blink-182 came to us to evolve THE aesthetic. […]


Snappy British beauty brand, Jo Malone, combines a whimsical tone, but always with a distinctively luxurious touch.


Unintended Consequences was a pop up spectacle at the Open House Gallery that featured video art, biorhythmic installation, photography, and social media...


Hyperbolic was tasked with developing a responsive website and mobile platform...

Twisted Sista

Step into the world of Curls with this equal parts exciting and innovative new hair care line…


SmartyPants is the first all-in-one gummy vitamin including Omega 3’s launched as the new smart vitamin alternative. […]








Dimitri Falk

15+ years experience of creative and strategic disruption with some of the world’s most influential brands.

Focused on how technology impacts creativity.

Loves writing suspicious emails when people leave their computers.

Jimmy Raskin

15+ years experience of creative and strategic disruption with some of the world’s most influential brands.

Focused on aesthetic boundaries and expressing brand DNA.

Loves rolling, walking, dancing, skipping, running.

Gary Yentin

15+ years specialized in the mobile engagement, retention, sales and monetization. Founder of App-Promo, an award-winning agency dedicated to mobile distribution.

Focused on how tech impacts marketing + distribution.

Waiting patiently to have his brain scanned.

Alec Chen

7+ years experience managing complex technological product builds.

Focused on business strategy, technological innovation, project management.

Loves safaris and forging for mushrooms.

Adam Stern

15+ years developing complex business applications, websites, E-commerce and training systems.

Focused on how artificial intelligence and technology can be used for business.

Loves Kosher and samurai swords…often together.

Kristin Schreiber

15+ years designing sophisticated web and mobile applications and campaign creative for all mediums.

Focused on applying a fashion sensibility to all brands.

Loves pretty things gone awry.